Creative piggy bank: to help you record the save program

New ideas can be recorded his own plan to save money every time to save money in the piggy bank, just one step closer to the dream. A piggy bank on behalf of a feeling of a love, mutual love and mutual devotion to each other every day, are to “piggy bank” dropped one “coin”, he loves you more than a few minutes, you will be more than a few inputs points, and jointly create a happy balance.

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Mildly graceful emerald foliage leaves overflowing vitality

Leaves, leaf sculpture is also a common pattern, which leaves “leaf” and cause “industry” is a homonym, all with the “industry” related to all the good moral naturally fell upon it, the implication career, academic , family business, successful businesses thrive. , In addition to Jinzhiyuye, jade tree, green leaves, represents vitality, Yiyu evergreen tree of life, meaning the cause of flat step Qingyun.

Jewelry cleverly selected Jinzhiyuye form, as if nature were wonderful play, enjoy flying in the wind. Wind is his rhythm, Bianshen psychic talent, with the wind gently while a degree of relaxation in the beautiful curves back constantly self-care, shy to the extreme.

Leaves are often used with other subjects, with the implication career wishful wishful; with brave moral business is booming. Because there is so wonderful meaning, people often wear jewelry with leaves gifts and jewelry as gifts to choose from. Woman wearing meaning “Roman Holiday”; cause people to wear symbolizes Pingbu Qingyun; old is not old to wear symbolizes longevity.

How much do you understand mug

Mugs rich styling, color variety. Under the applicable meet the basic purpose of drinks filled with the premise, mugs body can be designed to animals, plants, and other animated characters of different shapes, the handle also has a large ring, small ring, ring opening even more. Mugs common household liquids can generally be installed Sheng 150-350 ml range. There are a few large beer mug can hold about 500 ml of liquid filled.

Mug biggest difference with China in addition to a larger volume than the cup, the cup is also thicker to keep the hot temperatures. For ease of use, most of the ceramic mug is designed to be used directly in a microwave oven and dishwasher, but there are a few special circumstances need to be used and maintained in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions. Before the 17th century, Europeans can only produce glazed pottery, the intensity is very low, once the placement of the cup handle, holding, carrying it is easy to fall, so the early cup has a metal sleeve, the metal sleeve is not a luxury early , but a helpless, their cups are end up. Later, the Europeans discovered Chinese ceramic texture is very strong, not to mention the side can not afford is breaking all breaking down, so a lot of Europeans, this ceramic mug customized in China.

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Beijing residents live with a piggy bank “to donate one yuan.”

July 14, 2014 “to donate one yuan send love and nutrition” fund-raising campaign was officially launched nationwide donations of caring people can be owned by Yum restaurant cash register system, providing nutrition snacks for the Chinese poor mountain children. This year, Yum Restaurant fundraiser will continue for three weeks, ending on August 3.

“Donate one dollar” restaurant fundraiser start the day, enthusiastic residents of Beijing community, small community reporters, college students and other components “love angel group” convergence KFC restaurant front door, they took their story public welfare, love piggy bank, community residents blessing, together participation “donate one dollar” donation activities.

“I love the invitation cards were distributed to students and neighboring communities, I would like to invite them to donate their pocket money in the hands of” a community from sunrise small reporter maziyue is the love to pass around. ZhouAYi Dongcheng District has a 80-year-old, because travel inconvenient, she commissioned a neighbor Sharon brought her donation. “Zhou aunt wanted to live their own contributions, and she hopes that more people care about the poor mountain children’s nutrition.” Zhang Ran children from Fengtai District, 11 years old, she has participated in seven consecutive years “to donate one dollar” campaign, she took her piggy bank, to save a year of spending money to donate all. This year she also mobilized around the students and their families, to their own personal experience with them to mobilize donations.

It is understood by the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation to join co-sponsored Yum “donate one yuan” charity fund-raising campaign has entered its seventh year. This year’s theme is “one dollar to you, charity have you!.” To make donations more transparent, the donation period, Yum restaurant closed camp system specially equipped “to donate one yuan” button, so the money into the cash register system and restaurant revenues are completely independent accounting. After the end of the project, all the money will transfer to the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation. Subsequently, the Foundation after screening the recipient to identify suppliers and project training, nutritional snacks and finally released into the hands of child poverty in the mountains. For six years, “donate one dollar” of more than 90 million yuan to raise money to provide nearly 25 million copies of the nutritional snacks for poor pupils of nearly 125,000 people.

Founded in 2004, Xiamen Chengjing Imp. Exp Co., Ltd a China manufacturer and trader specialized in research, development and production of crafts gifts. To learn more, please

The Historic Trolley Tour traverses historic Lewes to highlight the history

Toway Watersports Co.,Ltd., watersports manufacturing group, both manufacturer and exporter. We are one-stop watersports and outdoor marketplace from China.

The Historic Trolley Tour traverses historic Lewes to highlight the history, the architecture, and the people who have helped shape the picturesque town. The one-hour tour will acquaint participants with the Lewes of yesterday and today, as they travel five and a half miles around town. This tour is presented by The Lewes Historical Society and the Cape May-Lewes Ferry.

The Historic Trolley Tour takes place at 11:15 a.m. and 12:45 p.m., Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays during July and August. Price is $10 per adult and $5 for students and children. Tours leave from the trolley stop at the corner of Second and Market streets beside St. Peter’s cemetery.

History Paddles kayak trolley Tour of the Lewes Harbor and Delaware Breakwater Harbor will offer tales of shipwrecks, pirates, lighthouses, and more. The trip includes the Lewes-Rehoboth Canal, Delaware Bay, and occasionally, a quick jaunt along the Atlantic shore. Kayaking experience is not necessary. A short paddling tutorial is given prior to each trip. Tours generally last three hours, weather permitting. This tour takes place at 9 a.m., Thursdays. This tour is $65 per person and includes the kayak trolley rental fee. Tickets must be purchased in advance through Quest kayak trolley at 302-74-kayak trolley.

Family Tours covering everyday life and amusements in the 1800s will take place at 2 p.m., Fridays. Parents and children will learn what it would have been like to live and do chores in the Rabbit’s Ferry House or what life would have been like as a child of a surfman. Each hourlong tour will give kids the chance to ask questions and explore what life would have been like in Lewes long ago. Price is $10 per person. Members, students and children under 12 are free.

Scheduled for 11 a.m. every Saturday, the Maritime Tour, a 90-minute walking tour of Lewes, will trace the town’s past and its close ties to the sea. The $10 cost includes admission to both the Lewes Life-Saving Station and the Cannonball House Maritime Museum. Society members, children under 12 and students are free.

History Highlight Tours, offered throughout summer and early fall, take place every other Wednesday through Oct. 29

History Highlight walking tours are designed to give an in-depth look at a variety of interesting topics. Tour themes will include architecture, historic cemeteries, homesteading, and more. The schedule includes the following: Lewes Through a Woman’s Eyes led by Lana Browne – July 9, Aug. 20, and Oct. 1. Architectural tours of Lewes led by Pat Hall – July 23, Sept. 3, and Oct. 15. Lewes Cemetery Tours led by Russ Allen – Aug. 6, Sept. 17, and Oct. 29. All History Highlight Tours begin at 4 p.m. on tour dates. The cost is $10. Society members, children under 12 and students are free.
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Asia’s Leading Trade Show

Asia Outdoor Trade Show 2014, July23-26, 2014,

Nanjing International Expo Centre, China.
Asia’s Leading Trade Show.

Asia outdoor trade fair, Asia outdoor trade fair for short, is an exhibition on Sino-German cooperation project. In 2006, the European outdoor trade fair organizers of Germany Messe Friedrichshafen exhibition company limited at the Nanjing International Exhibition Center cooperative jointly organized the first Asia outdoor trade fair. This is aimed at outdoor markets in Asia and the establishment of professional exhibitions. Exhibition opening a number of side events: outdoor fashion shows, rock climbing competition, industry forums, industry awards, and, according to the market situation in Asia and gradually increased the procurement of raw materials, the exhibition running zone, water supplies zone theme pavilions. After years of development, exhibition in overall size, the number of exhibitors, participating media, multidimensional data, such as the progressive increase in the number of professional visitors, exhibitors, and audience satisfaction. Asia outdoor trade fair by the end of 2013 to the International Association of the exhibition industry (UFI) certification, to become China’s first to be UFI-certified professional outdoor.


Nanjing excellent exhibition brand
China’s Yangtze River Delta region outstanding exhibition brand
Sport “Chinese industry brand exhibition Goldfinger”
In 2012, China’s Ministry of Commerce Guide support
Jiangsu Province brand show
2011-2012-Nanjing excellent exhibitions
2013 fairs and UFI UFI certification registered members

Previous profile:

2006 Asia outdoor trade fair as an international professional outdoor trade fair that is held in Asia for the first time, at home and abroad by outdoor gear brands, retailers, face accessories, parts manufacturing business and the media attention attracted 174 well-known outdoor exhibitors, overseas exhibitors exceeded 55%, overall size of exhibition 20,000 square meters. In the four-day show, a total of 6,743 visitors to visit; which overseas visitors accounted for 13.5%. Exhibition site fetched a total of about 30 million Yuan.

2007 (Second Edition) Asia outdoor trade fair from the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce, the China Council for promotion of international trade, the Nanjing municipal people’s Government for their support. The total exhibition area of 22,000 square meters, there are 214 exhibitors, of which more than 50% from outside, attracting about Bergans, Deuter, Duraflex, Ferrino and Garmont, and Mountain Hardwear and the Mountain Smith, Scarpa, Suunto, Zamberlan, a large number of international brands for the first time to join. Exhibition has hosted visitors 8,218, 12% for overseas audiences.

2008 Asia outdoor trade fair information, from 23 countries and regions, 9,397 professional visitors at the show, compared with 2007 growth of 15%. The majority of the viewers from Asia, many spectators also come from Australia, South Africa, Europe, the United States and other regions. 245 exhibitors participated in the 2008 exhibition, up 14% from 2007. Total exhibition area of 22,000 square meters of 2007 grew to 24,000 square meters. In addition, there are many brands during the show business fair held in Nanjing.

2009 Asia outdoor trade fair continues to grow both in data. Among them, the exhibition area of 25,000 square meters, enabling three exhibition halls, exhibitors at 288. Includes representatives from 24 countries and regions, a total of 52 international exhibitors, total 18%. Number of visitors during the exhibition reached 14,344 people, up 52.6% from last year, attended the media number 129, journalist number was 351, up 9.7% from last year.

2010 Asia outdoor trade fair at the Pavilion on a number scale, the number of exhibitors and visitors have increased sharply. Show an additional floor for the first time, total exhibition scale of more than 32,000 square meters, up 28% from 2009, is the first event for twice times. Exhibitors at home and abroad a total of 359, an increase of 24.6%. Four-day show hosted visitors 16,326, 13.8%; reporter 355 people, 147 media (including 14 media), 14%.

2011 Asia outdoor trade fair due to the expanding, relocation of Nanjing International Expo Center and first Asian cycling exhibition held at the same time. The Sixth Asia outdoor trade fair was a huge success, the data record. Total exhibition scale 42,000 square meters in 2010, representing a growth of 31%; on-site Exhibitor total 452 in 2010, representing a growth of 26%. Overseas exhibitors total 142, 31% per cent of the total number of exhibitors; 158 media, a total of 405 journalists participated in this show live coverage; four-day show hosted professional visitors and 19,180 in 2010, representing a growth of 17%.

2012 Asia outdoor trade fair reached 48,000 square meters, the 570 exhibitors, of which overseas exhibitors with 173, 30% per cent. Professional visitors reach 20,542 in 2011, representing 19,180 has risen steadily. 160 media amounted to 446 journalists to cover events. So far, Asia outdoor trade fair has become the world’s third-largest professional outdoor exhibition.

2013 in Asia to reach 52,000 square meters for outdoor exhibition, from 610 exhibitors from 22 countries and regions contain debut, overseas exhibitors of which 209, degree of internationalization increase year by year. Four-day show hosted 18,563 professional visitors, two days before the exhibition visitors reach 10,782, a 25% rise from 2012. There were 4,103 for exhibitors and invited guests of exhibitors present, 15% compared to last year. 455 journalists arrived at the scene, including CCTV 5 reported.

2014 (Nineth) Asia outdoor trade fair will be held at Nanjing International Expo Center July 2014 23-26th, both enrich the exhibition, is still exciting and fun activities, and are looking forward to your participation.

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