00 after hands, water bottle piggy bank

Will abandoned of mineral water bottle package Shang color paper jam, painting Shang pattern, will vivid to “variable body” into pig, and crocodile, cartoon styling of savings tank: put wear small has of jeans sewing Shang doll pattern, again nail Shang by buttons, on into has a exquisite of small cowboy satchel, even small health volume paper tube also was transformation into cute of pen…… A few days ago, Kaifu Wu Jialing DAO Jian Xiang village communities, after more than 10 community 00, using tools such as scissors, glue, cardboard, discarded items collected by ingenious use of life, made of a delicate green new year’s gift, get the adults to marvel at.

To participate in “hands treasure” manual DIY activities of 15 children, between the ages of 9 and 12 years old, in order to prepare for this event, kids can really show what life in the waste materials are used. 9 age of Peng Ruolan will drink had of mineral water bottle collection up, after color paper jam of cleverly packaging, painting Shang eyes, and nose, two a cute of crocodile, and Piggy Bank completed has; five grade of shesijue, will collection of pictures manual paste in paper jam Shang, distribution Shang crayons writing of new year blessing, making out ingenuity of new year greeting cards, as gave himself mother of gift. Everyone says that, through this activity, reduce the number of spam, contribute their forces to protecting the environment.

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