11 year old boy piggy bank to contribute to the earthquake zone, Chengdu was pocket money

“People come to help, count the number of … …” as 11 o’clock, a young couple with a holding pig piggy bank kids charity ludian integrated Office to Yunnan, Sichuan province Quake donations. After three of staff and donors together accounted for one-dollar coins a total of 290, DIME 180 rounds, a total of 308 million.

It is understood that the child named Zhang Mingzhi, 11 years old, studying at the University primary school in Chengdu spent five grade class at UCLA. Zhang Mingzhi 308 dollar coins are the friends donated his parents gives pocket money saved up, put aside a year on saving cans full of Piggy Bank, a wise father Chang Kwang-chih, toss a coin when it is poured out a little longer.

According to Zhang Guangjin introduced, Zhang Mingzhi children from 2008 Wenchuan (microblogging) earthquake donation, successively for the yushu earthquake in Yunnan, ya (microblogging) Lu shan earthquake hazards such contributions, the cumulative amount of more than 1000 Yuan, contribution funding is pocket money for their own savings.

After Zhang Mingzhi contributions to children, their mother and father Zhang Guangjin Li Lifang ludian earthquake in Yunnan donated 500 dollars. Zhang Mingzhi children told reporters in Sichuan news net, hoping to use their actions to drive more children to love for the disaster areas. Zhang Guangjin told reporters, teaching children from an early age develop philanthropy is necessary, it has a very good guide for children’s
growth and leading role.

It is learned that in recent days, parents take their children to donate and grandparents with grandchildren to donate Charity Federation Lu Dian, Yunnan, earthquake, Sichuan province has become the love of a beautiful warm scenery.

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