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Asia’s Leading Trade Show

Asia Outdoor Trade Show 2014, July23-26, 2014,

Nanjing International Expo Centre, China.
Asia’s Leading Trade Show.

Asia outdoor trade fair, Asia outdoor trade fair for short, is an exhibition on Sino-German cooperation project. In 2006, the European outdoor trade fair organizers of Germany Messe Friedrichshafen exhibition company limited at the Nanjing International Exhibition Center cooperative jointly organized the first Asia outdoor trade fair. This is aimed at outdoor markets in Asia and the establishment of professional exhibitions. Exhibition opening a number of side events: outdoor fashion shows, rock climbing competition, industry forums, industry awards, and, according to the market situation in Asia and gradually increased the procurement of raw materials, the exhibition running zone, water supplies zone theme pavilions. After years of development, exhibition in overall size, the number of exhibitors, participating media, multidimensional data, such as the progressive increase in the number of professional visitors, exhibitors, and audience satisfaction. Asia outdoor trade fair by the end of 2013 to the International Association of the exhibition industry (UFI) certification, to become China’s first to be UFI-certified professional outdoor.


Nanjing excellent exhibition brand
China’s Yangtze River Delta region outstanding exhibition brand
Sport “Chinese industry brand exhibition Goldfinger”
In 2012, China’s Ministry of Commerce Guide support
Jiangsu Province brand show
2011-2012-Nanjing excellent exhibitions
2013 fairs and UFI UFI certification registered members

Previous profile:

2006 Asia outdoor trade fair as an international professional outdoor trade fair that is held in Asia for the first time, at home and abroad by outdoor gear brands, retailers, face accessories, parts manufacturing business and the media attention attracted 174 well-known outdoor exhibitors, overseas exhibitors exceeded 55%, overall size of exhibition 20,000 square meters. In the four-day show, a total of 6,743 visitors to visit; which overseas visitors accounted for 13.5%. Exhibition site fetched a total of about 30 million Yuan.

2007 (Second Edition) Asia outdoor trade fair from the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce, the China Council for promotion of international trade, the Nanjing municipal people’s Government for their support. The total exhibition area of 22,000 square meters, there are 214 exhibitors, of which more than 50% from outside, attracting about Bergans, Deuter, Duraflex, Ferrino and Garmont, and Mountain Hardwear and the Mountain Smith, Scarpa, Suunto, Zamberlan, a large number of international brands for the first time to join. Exhibition has hosted visitors 8,218, 12% for overseas audiences.

2008 Asia outdoor trade fair information, from 23 countries and regions, 9,397 professional visitors at the show, compared with 2007 growth of 15%. The majority of the viewers from Asia, many spectators also come from Australia, South Africa, Europe, the United States and other regions. 245 exhibitors participated in the 2008 exhibition, up 14% from 2007. Total exhibition area of 22,000 square meters of 2007 grew to 24,000 square meters. In addition, there are many brands during the show business fair held in Nanjing.

2009 Asia outdoor trade fair continues to grow both in data. Among them, the exhibition area of 25,000 square meters, enabling three exhibition halls, exhibitors at 288. Includes representatives from 24 countries and regions, a total of 52 international exhibitors, total 18%. Number of visitors during the exhibition reached 14,344 people, up 52.6% from last year, attended the media number 129, journalist number was 351, up 9.7% from last year.

2010 Asia outdoor trade fair at the Pavilion on a number scale, the number of exhibitors and visitors have increased sharply. Show an additional floor for the first time, total exhibition scale of more than 32,000 square meters, up 28% from 2009, is the first event for twice times. Exhibitors at home and abroad a total of 359, an increase of 24.6%. Four-day show hosted visitors 16,326, 13.8%; reporter 355 people, 147 media (including 14 media), 14%.

2011 Asia outdoor trade fair due to the expanding, relocation of Nanjing International Expo Center and first Asian cycling exhibition held at the same time. The Sixth Asia outdoor trade fair was a huge success, the data record. Total exhibition scale 42,000 square meters in 2010, representing a growth of 31%; on-site Exhibitor total 452 in 2010, representing a growth of 26%. Overseas exhibitors total 142, 31% per cent of the total number of exhibitors; 158 media, a total of 405 journalists participated in this show live coverage; four-day show hosted professional visitors and 19,180 in 2010, representing a growth of 17%.

2012 Asia outdoor trade fair reached 48,000 square meters, the 570 exhibitors, of which overseas exhibitors with 173, 30% per cent. Professional visitors reach 20,542 in 2011, representing 19,180 has risen steadily. 160 media amounted to 446 journalists to cover events. So far, Asia outdoor trade fair has become the world’s third-largest professional outdoor exhibition.

2013 in Asia to reach 52,000 square meters for outdoor exhibition, from 610 exhibitors from 22 countries and regions contain debut, overseas exhibitors of which 209, degree of internationalization increase year by year. Four-day show hosted 18,563 professional visitors, two days before the exhibition visitors reach 10,782, a 25% rise from 2012. There were 4,103 for exhibitors and invited guests of exhibitors present, 15% compared to last year. 455 journalists arrived at the scene, including CCTV 5 reported.

2014 (Nineth) Asia outdoor trade fair will be held at Nanjing International Expo Center July 2014 23-26th, both enrich the exhibition, is still exciting and fun activities, and are looking forward to your participation.

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How to Make High Quality Inflatable Boats?

First we should know that high quality inflatable boats is made of high quality material, currently, inflatable ship main used two species material, a is PVC, another a is world top material haipalong, ORCAR. today, we, about PVC material of dinghy fishing ship, professional inflatable ship of imports PVC material, thickness 0.9MM,1000D strength fiber network, equivalent 2 layer PVC material Middle clip a layer strength fiber network, anti-tore rally and anti-impact force greatly strengthened, more important of is, PVC material, added UV-resistant materials ensures prolonged sun exposure without deformation or cracking of the leakage, and the PVC material has replaced the traditional pure rubber materials, become the mainstream of today’s inflatable boat material.

Assault boat boat full of hand making full use of human bonding, including bonding materials used glue, we imported polyurethane marine adhesive (available for imported material document). Regardless of in beautiful, hull stitched, quality aspects, machine bonding are is cannot and artificial bonding compared, but maximum of disadvantages, is increased has cost, so market Shang mobile of cheap no branding inflatable ship, small factory inflatable ship using didn’t long hull seams Department kaijiao, hull a touch that broken, fatal problem is can understands of, colleagues should lucky problem not appeared in sea using in the. Unique of v type ship end of: inflatable ship is according to CAD flow dynamics simulation, is regardless of in high-speed or speed, v type ship end of are can greatly reduced flow shock hull Shi of resistance, resistance small has, power are effective played in forward of thrust Shang, even in tubs jostling of sea using, it of can manipulation sexual and speed mobile are is flat end of ship cannot compared to of. Boat has more than one gas chamber combinations together, greatly improving boating safety performance, even if a gas leak, boats sunk, capsized phenomenon does not occur.

Di Noah GE boats limited, is who strength strong of professional dinghy rush boat production manufacturers, introduced world advanced shipbuilding concept, has themselves of design team, is who set autonomous design, production of strength strong of dinghy professional produced Enterprise build most professional of water Shang entertainment products, we has most professional of design team, most powerful of material power, most professional of technology staff, build most excellent of brand, “di Noah GE”. We provide not only a more professional, better quality, better services and technologies. GE select Noah, you have selected is a professional and quality!
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Prospect of inflatable Rubber Boats

Statistics show that widely distributed in China has a long coastline and inland rivers and river systems, lakes, reservoirs and small high-speed boats boats (inflatable boats of which accounts for a considerable proportion of) demand is very significant. If China’s coastal port surveillance, rescue, river navigation administration, fisheries management and water culture, underwater engineering work, home flood, ocean-going ships equipped with on demand, coupled with the frontier defence, public security, Customs has the right amount of equipment as well as water sports, water attractions, wide application of water entertainment, whose demand is beyond doubt.
“In China: current status, development and application of the civilian inflatable boat are relatively backward, this is one of many influence results. “Analysis of Beijing Association for sports and leisure industries, a person, my original and subsequent enterprise engaged in rubber blanket products manufactured from materials (especially colour) cannot meet the actual requirements of the civilian inflatable boat was difficult to play a role in this area. Nearly 10 years ago, work in this regard is that some applications of PVC materials manufacturing inflatable products businesses, provide water amusement inflatable boat market offers the more general. In contrast to the international and civilian inflatable boat after more than 40 years of development in the international arena, its manufacturing technologies in both theory and practice, are fairly mature and strict rules, in addition to international standards ISO 6185-boats, European organizations and another more stringent standards (unfortunately still does not have the appropriate standard). These standards in material intensity, resistance to high temperature, touch and bonding of all kinds of rot-resistant fastness, air pressure, floating, sinking resistance (air Division), stability, quality of spare parts, attachments, and various performance tests are made specific provision.
Many industry insiders call for shipping industry should be built as soon as possible to develop standards and a series of related technical documents, construction specifications, factory authorized, product approval and product inspection. In addition, to be synthetic rubber tape and colored tape or other suitable material of natural rubber tape development research work. If unable to resolve quality craft materials, or just rely on imported materials developed inflatable boats PVC material, will affect the future development of space..
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