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Cheap Quality Outdoor Air Pumps Series Made in China

Toway Watersports Co.,Ltd group member company, integrates R&D, production, sales and service and specially develops and produces inflatable goods and air boat and air bed accessories, with years of experience in production and development of air pump. It has obtained multiple inventive patents issued by the State Intellectual Property Office.
The company has enjoyed good fame with professional production strength and consistent quality requirement, and become a long-term partner of numerous famous manufacturers at home and abroad. Its products sell well in Europe, America, Middle East, East Asia, South Asia, etc.
We makes all kinds of air pumps for different purposes-Electric Air Pumps ,Battery Air Pump, High Pressure Air Pump, AC Electric Air Pump,Dual-use Air Pump, Built-in Electric Air Pump,Storage Air Pump, DC Electric Air Pump, Balloon Pumps£¬Plastic Air Pumps£¬£¬Treadle Air Pump£¬Hand Air Pump and all kinds ofAir Nozzles. Air Valves, accessories..
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Inflatable Boats

Contents 1 history of inflatable boats: 2 an overview of inflatable boats: 3 application of inflatable boats: 4 inflatable boat features: 1 history of the inflatable boat: edit history stems from the ancient European made using the skins of the inflatable boat, such as the legend of Emperor nuoyanuoya’s Ark.
Modern inflatable boat was later used for the Navy, for example France, ZODIAC development model led to rapid development of civil and military inflatable boat industry. Is corresponding with them, Pierre Debroutelle was designed in 1937, became the first u-shaped inflatable boats, on August 10, 1943, he applied for a patent for this design. That was until today, sport-and entertainment-oriented version of the inflatable boat the most direct.
Since then many new manufacturers, new models and new designs to market. Inflatable boat has ceased to be carried on a large yacht little dinghy in the back! It can be up to 45 feet in length or longer! “Hard” fiberglass hull and aluminium hull, have gradually replaced the original inflatable bottom! Nicely decorated luxury components, even the ship bunker to appear on rubber boats. That corresponds with the name of it is, today, the inflatable boat often refers only to buoy the boat was inflated, and the bottom of the boat could be glass and aluminum, combined with special features fiberglass boat, take into account economic considerations.
2 an overview of inflatable boats: editing variety and different models of boats, high speed craft with specialized for speed, full manual kayaking, experience the fun whitewater rafting boats, profile and simple work, have a fishing boat for offshore fishing, and so on.
Widely used in water sports, entertainment, fishing, fishing and other water operations. Fishing boat the materials currently used to make inflatable boat tubes for PVC material.
3 application of inflatable boats: editing for inflatable boats have been widely applied to tourism, rafting, sports competitions, survey of military adventures, fishing, hunting, and various water projects completed the job, such as flood prevention and rescue at sea, inflatable boat has expanded each year. In some cases, and their use is mandatory, provisions to protect the International Convention for the safety of life at sea, maritime navigation of all ships must inflatable rescue boat equipment readily available. The fact that inflatable boat performance is reliable.
4 inflatable boat features: Editor inflating the performance and advantages of the product: 1, all imported special air craft fabrics 0.9T1000D/PVC or 1.2mm PVC, air-tightness and excellent wear resistance and long service life.
2, the use of imported pneumatic valve, convenient, safe and reliable.
3, all the bonding parts all imported glue bonding Peel strength and heat resistance, resistance to hydrolysis, UV-resistant performance is much better than homemade glue, even under sunlight, airship connecting parts firm performance is fully guaranteed.
4 color, high color fastness to import materials, oil on time like new, imported special wear resistant bi-color fenders, hull and durable.
Hook boat hull airbag fabrication using the adhesive with high-frequency heat sealing process, good air tightness, high strength, durability, quality and speed 40-60 km/h. Inflated to keep for at least a week..
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