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Beijing International Fishing Supplies Consumer Exposition 2014

Date: May 26, 2014 ¨C May 28, 2014
Closing time: May 28, 2014-January 1, 1900
Exhibition venue: China International Exhibition Center
Sponsor: Association of leisure industry in China
Undertaker: Beijing Stuttgart international exhibition limited
Organizers: Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce
Industry: agriculture/forestry/husbandry/fishery
Region: Beijing | Beijing
Exhibition description
First international fishing fair successfully held in Beijing, China, the whole exhibition attracted more than 200 participants from 38 countries foreign professional buyers and over 6,213 domestic purchasers. Mainly from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Italy, France, Greece, Finland, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Morocco, Pakistan, Cyprus, Dubai, Japan, Korea, India, Seychelles, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao and other countries and regions of the merchants, becoming one of Asia’s most influential fishing exhibition.
In May 2014, 26-28th at the Beijing International Exhibition Centre “2014 Beijing International exhibition on fishing goods consumption” of fishing supplies for domestic and foreign enterprises to build up a comprehensive, authoritative and professional service platform, also was a campaign of gathering our favorite fishing friends to exchange ideas, understand the industry, communication and participation opportunities and space. Advocate for nature, respect for nature, live life, enjoy life, communication, self-help and mutual aid.

Scope of exhibits
1. fishing rods: rods, streams rods, carp rods, Poles, Cliff fishing rods, boat rods, fly fishing rod, ice fishing rod, carbon rod, fiberglass rods, bamboo pole, packaged, and others;
2. fishing vessel: throwing bait fishing reels, fly-wheel rolling, spinning and rolling reels, drag fishing reels rolling, low priced reel,
3. fishing line: Fusion line, braided line, carbon fiber, compound wire, single wire, special-purpose wire;
4. hook: soft fake carbon-stainless steel hooks, hooks, baited with two needles, hooks, fishing hooks, hard baits, Shi hang with a hook baited with iron hooks, baited hooks, baited hooks, fly and feather three-pin hooks, hooks, hooks, umbrella-shaped hooks;
5. fake bait: iron-hard baits, soft baits, bait, Octopus bait, worms leave bait, fish-shaped Frog Soft baits, soft baits, Shi hang, fly, set the fake bait, squid fishing bait fishing bait and lead;
6. fish bait: powder bait, live bait and attractant;
7. catch the drift: Barr Sha Mupiao, China market common bleach, EPS drift, float, PV bleaching, glow sticks, EVA Angeles fishing float, pool fishing float floating, marine fishing, Lake fishing, river fishing bleach bleach;
8. the net: hand throwing, fishing nets, fishing nets, automatic meter reading network designer, Knotted netting, woven nets, knotless, scales net combined;
9. fishing accessories: swivel, space beans, pick hook, playing pit and cage, PIN, spring, scales, Rod holder, Plumb, Plumb-free, pallet;
10. fishing clothing: water/water shoes, vests, hats, shoes, tee-shirts, wind rain clothing, fishing vests, sunglasses;
11. fishing package (includes fishing tackle bags, climbing bags, casual bags, etc);
12. tool box (pallet boxes, bait boxes, floating boxes, hanging bait box) 13. fishing boxes;
14. fishing Electronics: study fish, water depth detectors, GPS, fish alarms;
15. fishing gifts/decorations;
16. fishing gear Accessories: wire rings, reel seats, bearings, rods, rod tip, reel handles;
17. fly fishing products;
18. ice fishing products;
19. outdoor leisure products: tent, sleeping bag, fishing chairs, loungers, folding beds, air mattresses, hammocks, beach chairs, binoculars, beach bed, folding chairs and tables, gazebo, umbrella, light, insect bites, portable stoves, rubber Mallet, foot inflatable;
20. outdoor sportswear (camping, hiking, hunting, scuba diving, rock climbing, etc);
21. fishing boat/Yacht/boat accessories: metal ship, boat, boat accessories, boat fishing rod holder, boat or trailer;
22. fishing gear manufacturing equipment;
23. fishing tackle manufacturing raw materials;
24. packaging/printing/adhesive;
25. fishing books/audio/extension and fisheries;
26. fishing tackle trade, sale, import and export information and advisory services.
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Are Double Ended Stand Up Paddles Here to Stay?

Traditionally, stand up paddles are single bladed construction following the pattern and design of traditional Hawaiian outrigger canoe paddles. However, this convention has been challenged by experimentation of double-ended stand up paddle designs.

Anyone who makes their own stand up paddles at home or in their workshop, has had the thought cross their mind, “What if I could efficiently put a blade on each end?” Some ventured to tackle the challenge while others let the though pass through their minds and simple revert back to perfecting more popular designs.

Weight is a big factor in designing a double ended paddle. Wooden paddles that are single bladed have a reputation for being heavier than desired by most. Adding the bulk of an additional paddle blade to a wood paddle is unfathomable for some. However, using advanced materials such and carbon fiber that has an excellent strength to weight ratio, the weight problem could be solved.

Wrist action is another challenge for double ended stand up paddles. Making the transition from one hand on top to the other is an engineering problem that would require an high tech solution. The transition from left to right would need to feel natural and without excessive strain on the wrists or joints.

The future looks promising for such advanced developments. As engineering professionals become hooked on the great sport of stand up paddling, their minds often wander to dreams of developing the most efficient equipment for the sport, and it looks like double ended stand up paddles are in the future. One such company that is experimenting with double-ended standup paddle design is Race Hawaii.
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