Prospect of inflatable Rubber Boats

Statistics show that widely distributed in China has a long coastline and inland rivers and river systems, lakes, reservoirs and small high-speed boats boats (inflatable boats of which accounts for a considerable proportion of) demand is very significant. If China’s coastal port surveillance, rescue, river navigation administration, fisheries management and water culture, underwater engineering work, home flood, ocean-going ships equipped with on demand, coupled with the frontier defence, public security, Customs has the right amount of equipment as well as water sports, water attractions, wide application of water entertainment, whose demand is beyond doubt.
“In China: current status, development and application of the civilian inflatable boat are relatively backward, this is one of many influence results. “Analysis of Beijing Association for sports and leisure industries, a person, my original and subsequent enterprise engaged in rubber blanket products manufactured from materials (especially colour) cannot meet the actual requirements of the civilian inflatable boat was difficult to play a role in this area. Nearly 10 years ago, work in this regard is that some applications of PVC materials manufacturing inflatable products businesses, provide water amusement inflatable boat market offers the more general. In contrast to the international and civilian inflatable boat after more than 40 years of development in the international arena, its manufacturing technologies in both theory and practice, are fairly mature and strict rules, in addition to international standards ISO 6185-boats, European organizations and another more stringent standards (unfortunately still does not have the appropriate standard). These standards in material intensity, resistance to high temperature, touch and bonding of all kinds of rot-resistant fastness, air pressure, floating, sinking resistance (air Division), stability, quality of spare parts, attachments, and various performance tests are made specific provision.
Many industry insiders call for shipping industry should be built as soon as possible to develop standards and a series of related technical documents, construction specifications, factory authorized, product approval and product inspection. In addition, to be synthetic rubber tape and colored tape or other suitable material of natural rubber tape development research work. If unable to resolve quality craft materials, or just rely on imported materials developed inflatable boats PVC material, will affect the future development of space..
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Are Double Ended Stand Up Paddles Here to Stay?

Traditionally, stand up paddles are single bladed construction following the pattern and design of traditional Hawaiian outrigger canoe paddles. However, this convention has been challenged by experimentation of double-ended stand up paddle designs.

Anyone who makes their own stand up paddles at home or in their workshop, has had the thought cross their mind, “What if I could efficiently put a blade on each end?” Some ventured to tackle the challenge while others let the though pass through their minds and simple revert back to perfecting more popular designs.

Weight is a big factor in designing a double ended paddle. Wooden paddles that are single bladed have a reputation for being heavier than desired by most. Adding the bulk of an additional paddle blade to a wood paddle is unfathomable for some. However, using advanced materials such and carbon fiber that has an excellent strength to weight ratio, the weight problem could be solved.

Wrist action is another challenge for double ended stand up paddles. Making the transition from one hand on top to the other is an engineering problem that would require an high tech solution. The transition from left to right would need to feel natural and without excessive strain on the wrists or joints.

The future looks promising for such advanced developments. As engineering professionals become hooked on the great sport of stand up paddling, their minds often wander to dreams of developing the most efficient equipment for the sport, and it looks like double ended stand up paddles are in the future. One such company that is experimenting with double-ended standup paddle design is Race Hawaii.
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High-Quality Kayak Paddles

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Once you have bought your kayak, kayak paddles are next on your list. So, how do you select the best one for you? You have to choose what is right and works for you. It is a matter of personal preference and there are many deciding factors that will influence your choice.

Choosing Paddles

Kayak paddles are available in a wide variety. They have different uses such as white water paddling or flat water touring. The control you have over your kayak is affected by the different types of blades of the paddles you use. Paddles can differ in weight, length, material, and shapes of blades.

Many kayak enthusiasts select paddles according to lengths. You can decide on lengths by considering the paddles as an extension of your body. Paddle lengths may be influenced by the height and torso of a person as well. Somebody who is tall but with a shorter torso may require shorter paddle and vice versa. Wider boats could do with longer paddles and in some cases paddling styles decide the type of paddles you use. There are paddles specially designed for children.

Wooden Paddles

Kayak paddles were traditionally made of wood. Wood has unique properties which include strength, buoyancy, durability, and stiffness. Each wooden paddle gives a different feel, so you get a wider range of choices when you select wood. Seasoned kayakers love wooden paddles. There are wooden paddles which incorporate urethane plastic tips and hidden plastic inserts as well. Wooden paddles retain warmth and helps achieve smooth strokes.

Plastic Paddles

Now the majority of medium- to high-quality kayak paddles are made from plastic composites. The materials used include fiberglass, Kevlar and graphite (carbon fiber), and plastic resin. The biggest advantage of using these composites is the utility of high strength and low weight.

Fiberglass paddles are durable, lightweight, and maintenance-free. This material allows complex blade shapes. These paddles are very popular for whitewater and sea kayaking.

Aluminum And Plastic

These are economical paddles that can be used for kayaks and have aluminum shafts. But these paddles don’t feel warm in cool weather and are more suitable for recreational kayakers and beginners.

Blade Designs And Shapes

Paddles can have feathered or non-feathered designs. Feathering reduces wind resistance. Blade angles may differ from 40 to 90 degrees. Smaller angles are easier on your wrists but larger angles are more efficient when paddling.

Blades can be symmetrical and asymmetrical. Asymmetrical blades are efficient while paddling and good for longer periods of paddling by reducing fatigue. Symmetrical blades power you through water quickly. Shapes of blades differ and you can get flat, spooned or cupped, or dihedral. Some are a combination of shapes.

Kayak paddles of superior quality can be bought at Accent Paddles which supplies superior quality items at the best prices. The paddles are designed for ease of use and have adjustment knobs to set it at your desired angle. With 45 years of experience in the field, you are assured of top quality, designs, and materials when you buy paddles from this industry leading store..
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