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Mildly graceful emerald foliage leaves overflowing vitality

Leaves, leaf sculpture is also a common pattern, which leaves “leaf” and cause “industry” is a homonym, all with the “industry” related to all the good moral naturally fell upon it, the implication career, academic , family business, successful businesses thrive. , In addition to Jinzhiyuye, jade tree, green leaves, represents vitality, Yiyu evergreen tree of life, meaning the cause of flat step Qingyun.

Jewelry cleverly selected Jinzhiyuye form, as if nature were wonderful play, enjoy flying in the wind. Wind is his rhythm, Bianshen psychic talent, with the wind gently while a degree of relaxation in the beautiful curves back constantly self-care, shy to the extreme.

Leaves are often used with other subjects, with the implication career wishful wishful; with brave moral business is booming. Because there is so wonderful meaning, people often wear jewelry with leaves gifts and¬†jewelry as gifts to choose from. Woman wearing meaning “Roman Holiday”; cause people to wear symbolizes Pingbu Qingyun; old is not old to wear symbolizes longevity.